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The Jengaburu Curse

9th August 2023



GENRE Climate-Fiction, Thriller

DIRECTED BY Nilamadhab Panda

PRODUCED BY Indranil Chakraborty, Studio Next, Sony Pictures


EDITOR Jabeen Merchant

CAST Faria Abdullah, Sudev Nair, Nassar, Melanie Gray, Makrand Deshpande, Deepak Sampat

STORY A sudden call brings Priya, a financial analyst from London, back to Odisha. A series of strange events follow as she sets out on the hunt for her missing father, Prof. Das, an activist jailed for 3 years for siding with an indigenous tribe Bondria(fictional) from Kendujhar district Odisha. In the backdrop of bauxite mining, displaced tribals, and a missing father, Priya finds connections between London Pyongyang and the mining state of Odisha and a very unethical nexus between Police, Bureaucracy, Corporation, White-collar crime and Juche. The show is a climate fiction thriller that delves into the exploitation of natural resources for mankind's never-ending needs, resulting in harmful consequences.

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