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Short Films

  • Elephant in the Room:  This short-film is an attempt to highlight the severity of the man-animal conflict, and to present a real life case that the world should feel proud of and emulate.

  • Kashmakash: A short & gripping story on women empowerment.

  • Megha’s Divorce: Megha's Divorce, set in Delhi, raises awareness about the city's environmental woes and how it is worsened by climate change through a compelling narrative

  • Lali’s world (40 min Odia): Story of Lali, who was withdrawn from the school as the father could not effort to continue. It’s Lali’s struggle to go to school.

  • Kinara (40 min Hindi): On male participation in contraception in India.

  • Pahel (7 min Hindi): On different procedure of contraception.

  • Chupee (40 min): The story revolves around a young school teacher, Jasmine, in a local school in Goa. She is haunted by memories of the sexual abuse and subsequent suicide of her kid sister. A shy withdrawn girl in her class, Khushi, reminds her of her dead sister, who she eventually is friends.

  • Atmajaa (30 min): The pressure on Ruchi the daughter-in-law of the rich Munjal household and Urmila the maid, to go in for the medical termination of their pregnancies when both of them have conceived girls. The ultimate voice of the film is Dr. Suranya Kumar, Ruchi’s sister-in-law and Urmila’s employer.

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