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I Am Kalam





DIRECTED BY: Nilamadhab Panda

PRODUCED BY: Santanu Mishra


EDITED BY: Prashant Naik

CAST: Harsh Mayar, Gulshan Grover, Pitobash, Beatrice Ordeix, Sanjay Chauhan

STORY: the story follows the journey of Chotu, a young boy from a poor family working as a child laborer at a highway-side dhaba. Despite his hardships, Chotu dreams of becoming like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. He forms an unlikely and unstable friendship with Rannvijay, the royal heir of a nearby resort, who challenges societal norms and emphasizes the importance of friendship over privilege. This encounter becomes a catalyst, pushing Chhotu to break free from the chains of circumstance and pursue his dream of a brighter future. 

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