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Babloo Happy Hai

7th February 2014




DIRECTED BY: Nilamadhab Panda

PRODUCED BY: Nilamadhab Panda, Gagan Dhawan, Ravi Dutta


EDITED BY: Biren Mohanty

CAST: Sahil Anand, Erica Fernanades, Amol Parashar, Parvin Dabas, Sumit Suri, Preet Kamal

STORY: Jatin, Harry and Rohan head to Manali for one last trip before Jatin gets married. But their boys' trip takes an unexpected turn with the arrival of the captivating Natasha.  Amidst breathtaking mountain scenery and hilarious misadventures, they embark on a soul-searching quest that challenges their relationships and forces them to re-evaluate their paths before life takes them down the aisle.

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