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The Next-Gen Global Indian Approach

Since its foundation in 1996, Eleeanora Images has been aiming at being a key player in making the Indian Entertainment Industry a next-gen industry.

In the process, has added a few definite milestones to itself.

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Feature Films

Our aim is to produce cinema aimed at sections across the society, audiences, age groups and genres with a global perspective, of which "I Am Kalam" is a prime example.


Eleeanora Images has a history of social activism, audio-visual documentations and turnkey dissemination of information vis-à-vis the development & social sectors in India.

Short Films

Empowering entertainment and popular art forms of India, in our attempt to create 21st century films.


Produced over 70 Short Films, Television dramas (including 2 mega TV Series) and Corporate & Advertising Films

We work hard to create that magic

Awards are just the way to know we are going in right direction, working hard is the key.

Colaboration and exchange of thoughts and ideas is what makes us successfull.

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